Weathered Trailer Roofs HO – Set D


Actual photographs of trailer roofs are laser printed on clear waterslide decal film for easy and realistic weathering. Instantly apply patches, stains, spots, grime, sealer, skin lines, scratches and other marks all at once. These decals look great on silver or white roofs. Works on containers too! Five different sets are available with 8 unique roofs in each set. Each set is sold separately. Sets A thru E are available in 3 different sizes: 53′, 45′ and 40′. Product image shows Set D in 45′ size.  A 28′ set is also available (sold separately). Designed for use on smooth trailer and container roofs. Each decal is 30mm wide and is wide enough to cover most models. Decals will need to be trimmed a bit to fit your models. 53 footers will also cover 48′ roofs. 45 footers will also cover 40′ roofs etc. See product options for decal size. Prints are 600 dpi monochrome on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet. Custom roof sizes are available at no extra charge. Measure your models before ordering. Specify custom size at checkout. For other scales please contact the Custom Shop. Recommend Walthers Solvaset for setting solution. Do not use Micro Set as it will etch the film.

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