Curved Tunnel Liner By The Inch Concrete HO 4001


This is an HO item. Other scales available through the custom shop. Order by the inch. When ordering be sure to specify curve radius. If unknown please contact the custom shop. Direction of curve is referenced as if driving into the tunnel. Tunnel Liners are 3D printed in PLA using the FDM (fused deposition modeling) process and integrate with ZYX Creative Tunnel Portals. Wall thickness is 2mm. Curved liners flare out by 10mm to ensure clearance of large equipment. Straight and curved liners are available. Add more sections to extend your liner. Other scales available (contact theĀ Custom Shop for this). Sold undecorated. Primer recommended. Select liner length below. Products are made to order.

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Select Length and curve direction

4" Curve right, 5"Curve right, 6"Curve right, 7"Curve right, 8"Curve right, 9" Curve right, 10"Curve right, 11"Curve right, 12" Curve right, 13"Curve right, 14"Curve right, 4" Curve left, 5" Curve left, 6" Curve left, 7" Curve left, 8" Curve left, 9" Curve left, 10" Curve left, 11" Curve left, 12" Curve left, 13" Curve left, 14" Curve left