Custom Shop

Customize an existing product or create parts from scratch using your photos or drawings. To begin your project, call or text 661-776-4015 or send a message on the Contact page.


Custom Jobs are done in three phases. Phase I is Engineering, Phase II is Development and Phase III is Production. Each phase will be itemized separately on the invoice . Phase I may be skipped in the case of customer supplied dimensional drawings. A custom job is quoted on several factors: Quantity, complexity, marketability, model size, research, etc. In some cases Phase I and Phase II fees may be waived or refunded. Please read the Custom Shop Terms And Conditions for details.

Phase I: Engineering

Models and decals can be made from your photos, art or drawings. In Phase I, dimensions are estimated from submitted materials. This phase may be skipped if you can supply dimensional drawings. Drawings don’t have to be fancy or professional. They do need to be clear and call out the dimensions of the actual object or model. For best results submitted photos should be clear, well lit, and high resolution. Phase I services start at $39 for 3D prints.

Phase II: Development

Phase II services start at $49 for 3D prints and  $19 for decals and may include artwork, CAD drawings, proofs, test prints, tooling, etc. Modifications to existing products may be less than $49 or free. Proofs in the form of renderings or art work will be sent for approval before production. Two (2) changes will be allowed at no extra charge. After two (2) changes there will be a $10 charge for additional changes.

Phase III: Production

Production will begin after final approval. Production costs will be based on several factors including quantity, materials, model size and labor. Parts are 3D printed using either the SLA or FDM process. Production may also include assembly, other non-3D fabrication, paint and decoration. Custom decals are printed on either a color laser printer at 600 DPI or an Alps Dye Sublimation printer for white and black ink and silver and gold metallics.