Custom Shop Gallery

Tunnel 27 On Donner Pass in HO

The tunnel 27 portal and liner is a remnant still standing on the Donner Pass after a partial daylighting of the tunnel. The mainline still passes through the portal. This custom model was created from photos and SP engineering drawings. Painted and weathered by the client, it was delivered built-up with a coat of primer. The portal was 3D printed in resin and the liner extension is printed in PLA. Joints were filled with the same resin used in the print.  Photos submitted by client and posted with permission.

Saguaro And Prickly Pear Cactus In G Scale 1:29

Cactus super sized to G scale for Ken Patterson’s Bachmann 2021 catalog cover shoot. Featured in his “Whats Neet This Week” podcast #141. Check out the Bachmann catalog here.  Photo and video posted with permission.

Lakehead Bridge Abutments, Piers And Bridge Shoes In HO

The Lakehead bridge is located on the SP Shasta Division in Northern California. It consisists of 7 spans totaling over 760′ long. The tallest pier is 72′ tall. These custom models were created from SP engineering drawings and photos supplied by the client. The piers and abutments are 3D printed in PLA. Layer lines were eliminated by priming and sanding. They were delivered finished in a slightly aged concrete color. The bridge shoes were created from SP engineering drawings and 3D printed in resin. Layout photos were provided by the client and posted with permission.

32′ Portal With Double Wings In O Scale

Here is an example of an existing ZYX Creative product which was customized. The detail on the backside of the wings and the portal foundation was removed to lower the cost. It was scaled up to 1:48 from 1:87 and wall thicknesses adjusted. The date stamp was was customized to 1933. Portals were delivered as undecorated 3 piece kits.

Santa Fe E & F Unit Pilot Steps in HO

The Santa Fe had this type of step added to the front of some E and F units. One on each side. This custom part was made from client supplied photos and has been added to the ZYX creative product line.

SP Shasta Line Tunnel 10 in HO

Produced from client supplied SP mechanical drawings, this portal has been added to the ZYX Creative product line.

Cedar Pond Brook Bridge Piers And Abutments In HO

Located in Stony Point NY on what is now the CSX line along the Hudson River. Client is modeling the Conrail era. The prototype is a double track line but the client requested we make it single track. Model was created from client’s photographs.